Learn about the OEC and the Senior OEC programs.

Sr. S&T | Certified

Learn about becoming a Senior or Certified Patroller and all the program you can particpate.

Mtn Travel & Resuce | Avalanche

Learn about Mtn Travel & Rescue and Avalanche. Enjoy camping in the winter.

Instructor Development | Mentoring

Learn To become an instructor in any of the four NSP disciplines and go through the mentoring program.

Who we are

Genesee Valley Region

Part of the Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol

Our patrols

located in upstate New York

  • Brantling Ski Patrol
  • Bristol Ski Patrol
  • Nordic Ski Patrol
  • North Hampton Ski Patrol
  • Hunt Hollow Ski Patrol
  • Powdermill Ski Patrol
  • Swain Ski Patrol

Who are more of our officers


  • Region Director

    Upcoming Region Director

    John Topping
  • Region Director

    Region Director

    Bob Andre
  • Assistant Region Director

    Assistant Region Director

    Jeff Welch
  • Assistant Region Director

    Assistant Region Director

    Mike Mooney
  • Secretary


    Bill Gottermeier